The Merry Fairy

Welcome to

The Merry Fairy

a magical cottage deep in the old forests of Fairyland

Spend your summer in Fairy's beautiful home and meet her whimsical friends. You may listen to their gentle stories, collect beautiful gifts and decorate your scrapbook journal in any way you wish! 

coming soonish on Steam

The Merry Fairy is a story driven idle game/ collectathron where you can build your scrapbook journal in a relaxing, fairytale environment.

Collect beautiful decorations, inspiring quotes and interesting journal prompts by talking to Fairy's friends, dancing, hiking and exploring an enchanted dwelling where you are a welcomed guest. Discover a magical world that is not out of reach, even when you live your regular life. 

If you wish for Fairy to reach out to you, please add an e-mail address where you can receive magical news and exclusive invitations.



March 28th, 2024

NEW! Introducing the Caretaker

and the Wishtree

- they will welcome you and tell you many stories -


February 28th, 2024

NEW! The Merry Fairy construction footage

- GIF's, screenshots, words and a Discord invitation -


I cannot believe it, but my beautiful cottage takes more and more shape! What was once just a dream, is now a functional video game with enough shiny things to keep one busy for a good few hours. 

I am currently preparing a demo but until then, the time has come to share some screenshots and GIFs. 

Beyond The Merry Fairy gates, a cozy desk already awaits you, and an enchanted journal is eager to have its first pages decorated with thoughts and 

beautiful things. Decorations can be collected from the Guest book and from the letters I have already started to write for you.

I heard rumors that my whimsical friends really want to meet you! I bet they are ready to tell you many stories and will for sure have gifts for you.

Of course, everything that I am showing here is work in progress and will very likely be much improved! This particular footage is from a stable build made at the beginning of February. 

Currently, I am very focused on finishing a demo that contains the most important feature - the enchanted Scrapbook Journal. This magical notebook not only allows adding freeform thoughts, but it can also be decorated with elements that can be gathered from various places. It has infinite pages, a neat collection of Decorations tucked in between its pages, and magical tools to cut, rotate and order decorations. 

In addition, you will be able to browse the Guestbook and collect decorations, doodles and thoughts from my past guests to use in the enchanted Journal.

And, if your social energy is in abundance, two of my closest friends are quite eager to meet you! One is the Caretaker, who I asked to welcome you and make sure you have all you need. The other... well! They are extremely chatty and I know they will apreciate the chance to introduce themselves!

I hope you are as eager to visit my cottage as we all are to welcome you! Thank you for reading this

- Fairy


Sometimes building The Merry Fairy can feel lonely. I would love your company over Discord! I never made a server before, so I have no idea how this will go, but perhaps we can build a magical group of friends together! 

You can click on the Discord icon or copy the link below!

Support The Merry Fairy!

If you want, you can support the development of The Merry Fairy using the wonderful platform KO-FI. My big dream with my little cottage is that I can protect the forests around Fairyland. Sometimes patches of them get clear cut, and this is truly horrible in every way possible. I hope that one day, I will be able to buy forest and make sure that it will never, ever, ever be clear cut. With a little luck, I will be able to buy a lot of forest, and inspire others to do the same!